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    In 2004, FarrWest Environmental Supply, Inc was founded to be the industry expert in sales, rentals, and service of environmental sampling equipment and supplies. Operating as a woman-owned, HUB-certified company, FarrWest has expanded that original mission into becoming the premier provider of equipment, service, and training to the First Responder industry as well. Over the years, the types of equipment and products we distribute have grown, but our commitment to quality, excellence, and customer service is stronger than ever. Every piece of equipment we distribute is backed by a team of professionals whose mission is to reinforce those in the Federal, DoD, State or municipal law enforcement, emergency response, industrial and environmental markets. We aim to exceed expectations during our experiences with customers by partnering with world-class manufactures that coincide with our own company values and are dedicated to the highest quality support delivered with expert knowledge, integrity and reliability.


    Eileen Adams

    With over 30 years of experience in International Banking, Accounting, Administration, and Human Capital Management, Eileen co-founded FarrWest in 2004. She has 18 years of experience in the Environmental and First Responder industry to include Operations, Logistics, Accounting, Administration, and Human Resources. As President of FarrWest, Eileen is committed to being a leader in the industry through excellence in service and integrity in business. Eileen has a unique talent for identifying & retaining high performing employees knowing they will deliver the Customer Experience that has made FarrWest legendary.

    Jim Farr

    Jim has been active in the Environmental and Geotechnical industry for over 45 years. From a geotechnical lab and field technician to field management and product development for high profile environmental and research projects throughout the US and overseas, he has gained knowledge of the use of various sampling tools and methods. Working through difficult field logistics from remote expeditions to laboratory studies and research projects with entities such as the USGS, EPA, Defense Nuclear Agency and others has given him a unique working insight into the Environmental and First Responder industry. Jim co-founded FarrWest to provide the very best in tools, support and training to those in the industry.

    Travis Brown

    Since joining FarrWest in 2007, Travis has been instrumental in spearheading corporate growth thanks to his diverse background in management, logistics, and status as a certified Hazmat/WMD Technician. Throughout his tenure, Travis has held key roles in developing FarrWest’s diversification and success in the industry due to his keen ability to identify new products and needed services in the Environmental field and in the First Responder and HazMat industries. In addition, what started as an automotive hobby led Travis to co-found FarrWest Specialty Vehicles (FSV). Since 2019, FSV has provided custom, turn-key vehicle packages for First Responders and various state government agencies. Travis attended Texas A&M University as a Business Major and is a graduate of LeCordon Bleu. Prior to 2007, Travis worked as a chef and manager in various fine dining establishments. In his spare time, he still loves to cook and spend time in the mountains with his wife, son, and dog.

    Dorian Rozas

    Dorian has 30+ years of financial & operational experience as COO/CFO. He brings a passion for focusing on Customer Satisfaction, Operational Excellence, and Financial Stability & Growth. Serving in multiple industries, Dorian understands that Customers are looking for a partner with the expertise to provide them the Products and Training needed with on-time and on-budget delivery. Dorian has a long history of working with top tier clients such as Procter & Gamble, U.S. Air Force, T-Mobile, City of New York Legal Department, MD Anderson Cancer, U.S. Coast Guard, Johnson & Johnson, U.S. Postal Service, and Citibank just to name a few. Our People, Process, and Tools allow us to create a company culture where motivated individuals can thrive and exceed our customer’s expectations..