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    Brandon Gayle

    FarrWest Trainer

    Lieutenant Brandon Gayle began his fire service career in 1997 with the City of Raleigh Fire Department and has served as a HazMat Specialist for the department since 1999. He became a certified Fire Service Instructor for the North Carolina Office of the State Fire Marshal in the field of Hazardous Materials Response in 2006 and has been training emergency responders ever since.
    Mr. Gayle is also the President of Gayle Training Solutions, LLC which opened in 2011 and provides training and consulting services for several instrument manufacturers and distributors. Mr. Gayle has had the privilege of training Fire, EMS, LE, EOD and HazMat responders as well as Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Marines, both nationally and internationally, in most disciplines of hazardous materials and CBRNE response with a focus on detection and identification technologies.

    Mr. Gayle is OEM certified to teach air monitor maintenance and repair, chemical response software, Fourier Transform infrared spectroscopy (solid, liquid, and gas), Raman spectroscopy, ion mobility spectroscopy, high pressure mass spectrometry, gas chromatography mass spectrometry and radiological monitoring and isotope identification technologies. His specialty is teaching how to integrate data from modern technologies and apply it to risk assessment, making for safer and faster incident mitigation.