CBR Multi-Purpose Wipes

CBR Multi-Purpose Wipes (CBR-MPWTM) is intended for use by military and civilian security/first response personnel. The CBR-MPW is available in two configurations (kits and singles) containing the individually packaged wetted wipe. (CBR MPW is the commercial version of the JSEW/M334)

The CBR Multi-Purpose Wipes

CBR Multi-Purpose Wipes

Decontamination Wipes

The kit configuration has five wipe packets sealed inside an overpack pouch. The CBR-MPW Kit is configured to be easily carried in a uniform pocket or placed in an emergency response bag. The box configuration is sold in carton of 500 single wipe packets. The CBRMPW carton of singles allow ease of use in the field by teams and can be stored in vehicles (ambulances, police cars,etc.) or used in mass response situations.


Use CBR-MPW for immediate and operational decontamination of hard surfaces, military and first responder equipment. The wipe with a unique chemistry has been extensively tested by the US Department of Defense.

  • Easy and Intuitive

  • Effective and Proven

  • Material Compatibility

  • Equipment Compatibility

  • Safe

Effective and Proven

The US Department of Defense conducted extensive testing of the wipe with the unique chemistry against chemical and biological agents, toxic industrial chemicals and materials and other agents of concern.

Equipment Compatibility

The CBR-MPW decontaminates sensitive and critical equipment allowing the mission to proceed.

Material Compatibility

The US Department of Defense testing has proven the CBR-MPW chemistry to have excellent compatibility under typical use as established by extensive testing on a variety of materials and substrates.


Originally developed for skin use in the healthcare market, the CBR-MPW’s unique chemistry is dermatologically safe

Easy and Intuitive

Use immediately out of the package to wipe away contaminants.

Chemical Decontamination
> 90% reduction of chemical agents on most surfaces
Biological Decontamination
Kills vegetative bacteria, fungi and viruses
Radiological Decontamination
Removes powders from surfaces, including radiological contamination
TIC/TIM Decontamination
Removes TIC/TIMs from surfaces
Coverage Area
CBR-MPW Kit capable of Decontaminating > 1.2 m2
Decon Application Time
Decontamination can be accomplished in less than 5 minutes
Interface Requirements
Kit and Wipe packages are easily opened
All components of CBR-MPW are non hazardous, and CBR-MPW contains no prohibited materials
CBR-MPW optimizes human factors for mission capability
Equipment Compatibility
CBR-MPW has no effect on materials or equipment
Equipment Degradation
CBR-MPW has no effect on materials or equipment
Detector Compatibility
Surfaces wiped with CBR-MPW do not cause false positives for detector or indicating papers
IPE Compatibility
Repeated exposure to CBR-MPW does not affect IPE
Operating Temperature
-25°F to 120°F
Storage Temperature
-28°F to 160°F
CBR-MPW is safe to use, and does not create any uncontrolled hazards