First Line Technology

DeconKeg Sprayer

First Line Technology's DeconKeg is designed to be adaptable for large-scale decon missions or infectious disease control with a small-scale logistical footprint. It is ideal for stationary decon lines or post-fire preliminary exposure reduction, and is lightweight and portable enough to be used for building decontamination


Pressurized Sprayer

DeconKeg Sprayer


  • 4 ft. flexible hose

  • Pressurize with any air compressor

  • Stainless steel tank

  • Quick-connect valve for hose attachment

  • Viton-sealed trigger

  • Adjustable pattern nozzle

  • Flow control valve

  • Built-in pressure release valve

  • Holds pressure charge for 30 days

  • Portable


To Open:
Pull the safety relief valve ring to release air pressure. Lift the lever and push down firmly. The lid will drop down slightly and become loose. Turn the lid either direction a 1/4 turn and tilt to pull the lid out of the opening.
To Fill:
Fill the tank with two gallons of decontamination solution. DO NOT OVERFILL. Some space needs to be left so the tank can be pressurized.
To Pressurize:
The lid is designed to be larger than the opening for safety. Turn slightly as you allow the lip with the rubber seal to drop under the edge of the tank opening, then align with the hole and fold the lever down to seal the tank.
Using a standard tire type tire chuck on the fill valve, pressurize the tank to 100 psi. The safety relief valve will automatically vent pressure at 125 psi. Replace chrome cap over fill valve to maintain pressure for up to 30 days
To Spray:
Ensure the safety is off. Squeeze the trigger. Control the flow rate with the valve at the base of the sprayer assembly. Twist the tip of the adjustable nozzle in either direction to change the spraying pattern from a cone shaped fine mist down to a stream.

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