Training Services
Your Mission, Your Tools, Your ConOps

Your Mission

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FarrWest delivers scenario-based training workshops, tailored to incorporate all of your tools and address all of your conops. The workshops scenarios are expertly designed to challenge our students and develop the skills required to respond to a representation of real life events. Each scenario is carefully crafted to ensure our students learn the common, and uncommon threats. Farrwest goes to great lengths to ensure our scenarios work for you.

We incorporate each customer's specific equipment set to ensure our students develop skills based on what they will use everyday, and most importantly, how the data collected from each technology provides a clear path for classification and identification. Farrwest builds the processes and protocols of our customer organizations into our scenarios, ensuring our students train in a realistic environment.

Your Tools

Farrwest ensures that each customer's specific equipment set is incorporated into our tailored training courses to ensure our students develop skills based on the equipment they will use every day. Our training focuses on technologies and specificly on how the data collected from that technology provides a clear path for classification and identification.

FarrWest conducts a pre-training interview to customize our training tools to our customers specific instrument-set. Scenarios developed for training incorporate data from all technologies encompassed in your tool kit.

Students are taught to use results from all technologies to correlate and confirm results.

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Your ConOps

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FarrWest embeds your ConOps and SOPs into our scenarios, reinforcing your protocols. Our expert instructors assist our customers in modifying their existing procedures to incorporate any new technologies that are part of their assets package.

The customer is left with the documentation to continue to ensure the proper safety standards and safety protocols are followed in response to any type of call.

FarrWest Training Team

FarrWest provides access to best-in-class instructors/consultants to deliver our training classes and develop our educational and training materials. Our instructors were all pivotal in delivering training and designing CONOPS on the new Infrared and Raman Chemical Identification Equipment delivered after the Congressional Anthrax attacks in 2001, that transformed Hazmat Response. They are a group of nationally known industry experts and have been involved with both Federal and State/Local agencies in defining response protocols. They have engaged in consulting projects with Manufacturers, US DoD, US Federal Government, and State/Local Agencies in the evaluation of many new and future promising technologies over the last few decades.