First Line Technology

FastGrab Decontamination Kit

The FastGrab Decontamination Kit (hazmat equipment bag) is a quick response bag for scenarios in which contamination is a problem. It brings together three members of First Line Technology’s Decon Family into a quick response kit that is easily stored and easily deployed. The Kit contains FiberTect (a three-layer activated carbon composite wipe), Responder Decon Kits (RDKs) that include RSDL Kits, and Dahlgren Decon, First Line Technology’s efficient wet decon solution.

FastGrab Decontamination Kit

Hazmat Equipment Bag

FastGrab Decontamination Kit


  • Easily Stored and Deployed

  • Minimal Training Required

  • Helps Prevent Secondary Contamination

  • No Water or External Cleaning Solutions

Kit Contents

  • (4) Polyester FiberTect Mitts (L)
  • (10) Polyester FiberTect 12″ x 12″ Wipes
  • (2) 200 mL Dahlgren Decon
  • (4) Responder Decon Kits
  • (1) 500mL Beaker
  • (1) Stir Rod
  • (1) Spot Shot Sprayer