The FLIR K45 is an affordable TIC that gives firefighters a clear view into the darkest, smokiest environments. It displays sharp, 240 x 180 pixel thermal images on a bright 4" screen, to help firefighters navigate easier, make accurate decisions, and find victims faster.

Plus the K45 features FSX Flexible Scene Enhancement, which intensifies structural and textural details in thermal images.


High Performance Tic 240 x 180 (3 button)

The FLIR K45 and K55 thermal imaging cameras (TIC) allow firefighters to see more clearly in the harshest environments, maneuver more strategically, stay better oriented, and find victims faster. Both cameras feature FLIR's proprietary FSX Flexible Scene Enhancement technology, producing ultra-sharp, finer textured images that shows subtler details.

With FLIR TICs, first responders can quickly and confidently find their way through the darkest environments, identify targets in extreme temperature settings, and make better decisions when seconds count.

Visibility is a chief concern for maintaining firefighter safety, whether you’re in the thick of fighting a fire or coordinating resources as the incident commander. Thanks to FLIR’s lineup of cost-effective handhelds, feature-rich advanced cameras, and mounted and UAS aerial options, fire departments can now afford to outfit more firefighters with TICs and monitor all angles of the scene. This is about more than seeing through a smoke-filled room: by viewing the entire scene from multiple viewpoints, incident commanders can make better decisions when directing resources. And, since FLIR TICs clearly visualize heat sources, they’re an important tool for hazmat and search and rescue operations.

  • Clear and Crisp Thermal Images

  • FSX Flexible Scene Enhancement

  • Rugged & Reliable

  • Easy to use, Even with Gloves on

  • Extremel Affordable

Compact, Rugged, And Easy to use

Glove-friendly three-button design for straighforward operation

  • Compact and lightweight enough to carry anywhere or attach to your gear

  • Water resistant (IP67) and rugged enough to withstand a 2-meter drop onto concrete

  • Fully operational at temperatures up to 500°F/260°C (max. 3 minutes)

Uncompromising Clarity and Solution

Detail-rich images help you see clearly and move safely in smoke conditions

  • K45 240 × 180 (43,200 pixel) resolution and K55 320 x 240 (76,800 pixel) resolution to see clearly in smoky environments

  • Rapid refresh-rate (60 Hz) helps orient first responders on the scene

  • FLIR FSX digital processing adds edge detail for greater perspective and increased navigational capabilities

Improved Tactical Decision-Making

High-quality imaging can be standard issue for every firefighter

  • Provides clear visual information needed to make crucial tactical decisions

  • Fixed temperature scale with TI Basic Mode allows for quick reference in rapidly evolving conditions without confusing changes

  • K45 stores up to 200 images and is captured with a simple trigger-pull for on-scene review or later assessment

Thermal Imaging and optical data

IR Resolution
240 × 180 (43,200 pixels)
Thermal Sensitivity/NETD
<40 mK @86°F (30°C)
Image/video Storage
Up to 200 images
Refresh Rate
Field of View (FOV)
51° × 38°
Focal plane array
Uncooled microbolometer, 7.5 - 13 µm
Start-up time
<17 sec (IR image, no GUI)

Image Presentation

320 × 240 pixel, 4 in backlit LCD
Yes, mode-dependent
Image modes
TI Basic (default) firefighting
Search and rescue
Heat Detection
Flexible Scene Enhancement


Object Temperature Range
-4° Fto 302°F (-20°C to 150°C)
32° Fto 1202°F (0°Cto 650°C)
±7.2°F (±4°C) or ±4% of reading for ambient temperature 50°F to 95°F (10°Cto 35°C)
Yes, according to NFPA and mode-dependent
Automatic heat detection
Heat-detection mode (hottest 20% of scene is colorized)

Data Transfer and Compatibility

USB Type
USB mini-B
Update from PC devices
Works with FLIR Tools software
Video Streaming
Uncompressed video over USB


Operating Temperature Range
-4°F to 185°F (-20°Cto 85°C) - infinity
302°F (150°C) - 15 minutes
500°F (260°C) - 5 minutes
Storage Temperature Range
-40°F to 185°F (-40°C to 85°C)
Battery Type and Voltage
Li-ion, 3.6V rechargeable
Battery Operating Time
Approximately 4 hours at 77°F (25°C) and with typical use
Charging Time
2h to 85% capacity
6.6 ft (2m)
Weight w/ Battery
2.4lbs (1.1kg)
Size (L × W × H)
4.7 × 4.9 × 11in (120 × 125 × 280mm)
Tripod Mount
UNC ¼”-20

Benefits of Search & Rescue Mode in FLIR K55 or K65

FLIR K55/K65 Application Modes Overview