First Line Technology

EDK (Electrostatic Decontamination Kit)

The Electrostatic Decon Kit (EDK) combines top of the line technology from Victory Innovations and First Line Technology to offer users the easiest, most efficient way to decontaminate threats. Stored in a military grade hardshell case from SKB Cases, the electrostatic spraying system can easily be charged while staying organized inside the case for rapid deployment when needed.


Electrostatic Decontamination Kit

The Electrostatic Decontamination Kit (EDK)


  • Lightweight and Portable

  • Suitable for use in any environment

  • + Removable tank holds 38oz. of liquid

  • Charge on/off for wetter applications

Kit Contents

  • Electrostatic Sprayer
  • Dahlgren Decon
  • 6″ X 12″ FiberTect Wipes
  • 1000mL Resovoir
  • Battery
  • Protective Case