GDS Field+

The Field GDS+ is an advanced portable chemical/biological decontamination system (CBDS) suitable to decontaminate sensitive equipment, land vehicles and small to medium interiors. Designed for ease of transport and operation, when deployed the storage/transport case containing the complete system becomes the decontamination chamber.

GDS Field+

For Chemical and Biological Decontamination

Each system is capable of decontaminating up to 30m cubed. Multiple systems can be connected via Ethernet and operated from a single remote control for larger spaces.

The Field GDS+ is capable of vaporizing one liquid and combining it with a gaseous stream to decon existing and emerging threats. The system is configurable for the liquid and gas decontaminants. In short, the Field GDS+ has the ability to evolve to meet emerging threats. The advanced and intelligent system provides the user with a robust and easy to use decontamination system.


Chemical Decontamination
Neutralization of chemical agents (VX, GD, H and other agents of concern)
Biological Decontamination
Kills vegetative bacteris, fungi and viruses (tested by US Army against B. anthrasis, P. agglomerans, and Vaccinia Virus)
Shelf Life
Minimum of 5 years
Pot Life
Minimum of 8 hours
Does not present uncontrolled safety hazard to personnel throughout its life cycle. Safe to transport by land, sea and air (cargo aircraft only)
Available Kit Sizes
18oz, 48oz, 2gallon, 5 gallon and 25 gallon

System Includes

GDS+ decontamination module
in shipping case with slide out rack for easy maintenance access
Dual-use shipping container
for transporting the system and serving as a decontamination enclosure
Enhanced Sensor Bundle
utilizes state of the art detection for measuring hydrogen peroxide and water concentrations, and temperature
Set of cables
designed for easy setup. Each cable is keyed to prevent errors during setup.
Set of hoses
are rugged while maintaining maximum flexibility for ease of installation and storage
Operator interface
is intuitive and easy to operate and monitor during operation. The graphical display makes it effortless for the user to confirm the decontamination systems are in range
Aeration unit
to convert the hydrogen peroxide exhaust into oxygen and water vapor
Chem-Bio Filter Cradle
Power Inverter