The M2DCON ruggedized Gaseous Decontamination System for Service Equipment Decontamination (GDS – SEDS) is a decontamination system suitable for decontaminating sensitive and non-sensitive equipment to inactivate biological and chemical agents. The GDS – SEDS integrates the most advanced hydrogen peroxide based decontamination technology into a ruggedized decontamination chamber designed for ease of use in a field forward environment.



Service Equipment Decontamination System

The GDS generator delivers a mixture of hydrogen peroxide vapor and ammonia. This mixture is then blown into the enclosure/chamber holding the equipment to be decontaminated. Hydrogen peroxide vapor (VHP) rapidly inactivates biological agents (VHP is widely used in healthcare and pharmaceutical applications to sterilize equipment and facilities). The addition of ammonia activates the hydrogen peroxide vapor and causes the mVHP mixture to inactivate chemical agents.

The chemical decon the GDS generation system has an automated control system that ensures the correct concentrations of hydrogen peroxide vapor and ammonia are used, the enclosure is maintained at the correct temperature (operating temperatures can be set from ambient up to 50oC) and the process runs for the programmed cycle time. The interior of the existing GDS-SEDS system has shelving installed for holding the equipment being decontaminated. If needed, the shelving configuration can be easily adjusted by the operator to accommodate oversized equipment. The GDS-SEDS has two sets of doors (one set at each end of the chamber) allowing contaminated equipment to be loaded from the “dirty side” and unloaded post-decontamination from the “clean side”. Providing this through flow configuration minimizes the risks of cross-contamination.