Ghost Robotics

Ghost Vision 60

The Vision 60® Q-UGV® (5th gen 5.1D or later ), is a mid-sized high-endurance, agile and durable all-weather ground drone for use in a broad range of unstructured urban and natural environments for defense, homeland and enterprise applications.

The Vision 60, high-endurance, fast, agile, durable.

Ghost Vision 60

Fast, Agile, Robust, and Unstoppable

The Vision 60 Q-UGV, is a mid-sized high-endurance, agile and durable all-weather ground drone for use in a broad range of unstructured urban and natural environments for military, CBRNE, homeland and enterprise applications.

The Vision 60 not only manages unstructured terrain well, but is built for demanding customers in demanding environments. Ghost Robotics Q-UGVs are faster, more durable, have greater endurance, simpler to integrate, and far easier to support versus their competitors.

The Vision 60 is unstoppable, with the ability to get right back up from any slip, fall, or failure and keep moving using Ghost Robotics's proprietary blind-mode operation. It has too, because the Vision 60 is designed and built to keep humans and K9s out of harm’s way.

Fast and Agile

1 m/s (3.3 ft/sec) standard walk. Up to 1.6 m/s (5.2 ft/sec) fast-walk; 2.2 m/s (7 ft/sec) run. 3 m/s (10 ft/sec) sprint. Dependent on payload, terrain and temp

Long Endurance

6.8 – 12.8 km (4.2 - 8 miles) per charge Li-Ion, 8 - 10 hrs. mixed use and 21 hrs. standby

Any Environment

IP67 sealed to water and dust and operating temp range of -40o to 55oC (-40o - 131oF) with Extreme temp battery pack & sensor options

Robust Operation

“Blind-Mode” operation on difficult terrain, at high-speeds, in tall grass, confined spaces, and recovery behaviors that are far superior to proprioceptive sensor-focused designs

Any Terrain

Traverse a range of terrains & substrates, including stairs using vision and blind-mode


Self-right from any immobilization, and even operate fully inverted when seconds count

Autonomy Modes

Integrated GPS waypoint and record-and- playback route automation from OCU

High-Bandwidth 360° Sensing

GMSL2 16-channel integrated RGB and depth sensors for surround-sensing. Add thermal/IR or any sensor via GMSL2, USB or ethernet

Flexible Comms Architecture

Integrated 2.4, 5.8 GHz Wi-Fi & 4G/LTE; GigE switch supports any external radio including 5G, SDRs & SAT

Field Repair Entire Robot

Quick-swap sub-assemblies within minutes (legs, battery, compute, sensors...)

Powerful NVIDIA Edge Computing

Same powerful Xavier 32GB RAM used in leading autonomous vehicles; deploy any application, autonomy or AI

ROS2 & Simulation

High-level API with ROS, ROS2 and MAVLink support, and lower-level C/C++ API. Full 1:1 simulation support in Gazebo environment

Wireless Charge Kit

Portable wireless charging station for in/outdoor persistent 24x7 operation

Manipulator & Specialty Sensors

Recently added HDT Global® customizable arm. CBRN and specialty sensing kits


General Robot Design
All-electric direct charge Q-UGV w/ quick-change sub-assemblies constructed of AL & composites. Exoskeleton protecting core integrated electronics. T-slot, frame points or 1913 MIL-STD rails for mounting w/ optional body panels
Packaging & Tools
SKB wheeled hardcase, quick-changes toolset and spare Vibram® toes
IP Rating
Operating Temp
-40° to 55° C (-40° to 131° F)
Operating Certs
CE certification pending
MTBF Target
8,000 hours estimated
Key Dimensions cm (in)
L: 85cm (33.5) | W leg-2-leg: 54cm (21.3) | H stand: 38-76cm (15-30)
Mass kg (lbs)
Tare: 38kg (84) | w/ Battery: 45.4kg (100) | w/ Hardcase: 78.5kg (173)
1,250 WH Li-Ion
Endurance (mi)
6.8 - 12.8 km (4.2 - 8) (payload & terrain dependent)
Battery Life (hrs)
Standby: 21 | Mixed: 8 - 10 | Continuous: 2 - 4 hrs (payload & terrain dependent)
Available Payload kg (lbs)
9kg +/- (20 +/-) w/ base battery installed
Actuation, Legs & Toes
3DOF 12-Motor back-drivable drive-train, 340° articulation w/ Vibram toes
Core Computer
App Computer
NVIDIA® Xavier 32GB RAM w/ 16 channel GMSL2, 2TB NVMe SSD
GMSL2, ethernet, USB 3, CANBus
Regulated Power
12/24/28V (up to 42V unreg) 8amp max
Integrated Sensors
(5) RGB GSML2 & (4) Depth USB
2.4, 5.8 GHz WiFi & 4G/LTE GigE switch
Tele-Op Controller
Samsung® Active Tab 3 standalone or in combination w/ dual joystick OCU
Software Applications
Ghost OS & Ghost Mobile; Base gait library & safeguard autonomy
Low-level API
High-Level API
ROS, ROS2, MAVLink Compatible w/ 1:1 Gazebo SIM support


Integrated (mid-body, accessible from back)
Sealed IP67 field-change sub-assembly: Integrated NVIDIA, GR-UGV mainboard, communications, GNSS, and other electronics
NVIDIA® Xavier CPU/GPU with I/O 2x Ethernet, 1x USB3, 16-channel GMSL2 sensor carrier board
WiFi 2.4 & 5.8 GHz with Dual SIM 4G/LTE
5G in testing
Managed GigE switch supports any IP/Ethernet compatible radio (Silvus, Persistent, other Manet, Satellite...)

Operational & Task Sensors

Integrated (fore, aft, port, starboard, & belly)
Sealed IP67 quick-change sub-assembly w/ integrated multi-colored system status LEDs
(4) Depth 87x58° FOV, 640x480 at 90FPS (fore, aft and belly)
(5) RGB 132x86° FOV, 1910x1080 at 60FPS (fore, aft, port and starboard)
Optional thermal/IR with a range of options
Acoustic array (w/ speaker) in development
Optional Body-Wide Mounting of Task Sensors
Any GMSL2, IP/Ethernet or USB compatible: camera, radar, LIDAR, mineral, CBRN
Fixed body-wide mounting points w/ T-slot back- belly rail system with picatinny conversion kit

Power & Battery

Power Output Options
Regulated 12, 24V. 8A, max not to exceed 150W
Unregulated 42V from battery
Sealed IP67 quick-change sub-assembly with integrated BMS and optional wireless charging electronics
Standard: Li-ion 1250 WH
Optional extreme cold temp kit < -20C (-4F) consistent ambient temp
AgiliCharge Wireless Charging
500W hybrid inductive-resonant charging
IP65 Wireless transceiver base with floor, doghouse or custom outdoor mounting kits
Conex or low-profile all weather charging doghouse w/integrated HVAC and roll doors

Core Electronics

Actuator Pod, Module, & Leg
IP67 sealed single-piece construction quickchange 3DOF leg pod with motors located proximally to minimize inertia
Removable Vibram standard & substrate-specific toes. Future aggressive angle and ice options
Motor Controllers
EtherCAT w/ current control including position, velocity, current and voltage sensing
Input 18-43V; current 80A peak, 30A RMS
ARM microcontroller & 2kHz control core
EtherCAT comms with calibrated high-grade IMU
Customizable: for security and govt users; AI, optical & specialty edge processing integration


Walk at 1 m/s (3.3 ft./sec), fast walk up to 1.6m/s (5.2 ft./s) and run at 2.2m/s (7.0 ft./s); Sprint 3 m/s (10 ft/sec), crawl gait and leap gaps
Ground clearance
Up to 55cm ( 22 in.)
Traverse unstructured terrain by feeling the environment without force sensors (toe or motor force, or series elastic)
Self-right from any immobilization
Inverted Body Operation
All behaviors supported, excluding visible/IR assisted stair climbing
Ascend and descend stairways using sensors and/or in combo w/ blind-mode
Sloped Surface
Up to 35° - 40°, depending on surface friction, weather conditions and toe
Attach 3rd party robot arms (HDT Adroit series 6DOF or custom configuration)

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