1064 NM Handheld Raman Analyzer for Explosives & Narcotics Detection.

The Rigaku ResQ CQL handheld 1064 nm Raman analyzer offers first responders, border protection and law enforcement an accurate and cost-effective tool for identifying potential chemical threats that is easily field portable and simple to operate. The utilization of 1064 nm Raman means the ResQ CQL analyzer overcomes fluorescence interference, thus providing a rapid response of less than 1 minute, the ability to scan dirty or colored substances and the capability of scanning through translucent packaging—keeping first responders safe by avoiding exposure. With an onboard library of over 12,000 compounds—including household chemicals, TICS/TIMS, explosives, narcotics, pesticides and steroids— Rigaku analyzers deliver the most comprehensive substance analysis. With optional QuickDetect Technology, the ResQ CQL analyzer has the added capabilities to detect non-visible amounts of narcotics and explosives.

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Extensive Library

ResQ CQL includes a standard library of over 13,000 Raman-active chemicals with the ability to upgrade, transfer, and translate entries. Included are: Narcotics / illegal drugs, Explosives, Chemical Warfare Agents (CWAs), Toxic Industrial Chemicals (TICs), Precursors, Cutting Agents, Hazardous Household Chemicals, Pesticides, and Steroids

1064 nm Raman

The Progeny ResQ CQL is an improved chemical detection system that uses Raman spectroscopy to identify unknown compounds. The unique 1064 nm Raman advantage of the handheld Progeny ResQ CQL provides users with the ability to identify colored substances or through colored packaging while eliminating fluorescence sample interference common to older generation handheld Raman analyzers. Users can expect reliable results in less than a minute – every time!

Certifications and Compliance

ResQ CQL goes beyond industry standards for traditional handheld Raman analysis. To ensure quality use in the eld that is also an acceptable testing method, ResQ CQL has undergone several certifications, including: MIL-STD 810-G, SWGDRUG Category A, SWGDRUG Category C, FDA 21 CFR Part 11, IP-68, ISO 9001:2015

QuickDetect Mode

QuickDetect mode provides automated colorimetrics for trace or non-visible amounts to existing ResQ CQL handheld Raman analyzers. This new features removes the human-error and subjectivity of traditional color reagent kits to help keep first responders safer. By combining the industry’s most advanced 1064 nm handheld Raman analysis with QuickDetect, users can experience the first field-ready Raman tool to provide both bulk and trace analysis for hazardous chemicals, narcotics, explosives, and chemical warfare agents in seconds. QuickDetect is optional on ResQ CQL product lines and is compatible with MobileDetect pouches – ideal for trace amounts, residues or non-visible substances. The rapid response time, easy operation, ability to identify colored materials and through packaging, as well as the ability to now detect trace amounts, demonstrates how the ResQ CQL 1064 nm Raman analyzer is the instrument of choice for the safety & security industry.

For more information, available options, or to get a quote, please visit the RESQ CQL product page.

Sample Accessories

Bottle Adaptor

Bottle adapter forms to bottles of different sizes and shapes. It snaps onto the nosecone.

Vial Holder

Vial holder allows the user to adjust the sample position to optimize the laser focus for different sized vials. It attaches to the front of the unit and secured with a thumb screw.

Universal Adaptor

Universal adaptor can secure various sample types for easier analysis. It snaps onto the nosecone.

Periscope Adaptor

Periscope adapter allows the user to adjust the laser focus to reach different sample heights. It attaches to the front of the unit and secured with a thumb screw.