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    John Cronin

    FarrWest Trainer

    John has over 25+ years’ experience in the fire service with extensive experience in hazardous materials response. As a state certified Hazmat/WMD Technician, Paramedic and Fire Instructor John has spent his career managing and training hazmat responders both in his own department and nationally in the techniques and operations of advanced metering equipment used for chemical identification and trace element detection. He holds a Bachelor’s of Science in Fire Administration from the University of Maryland and is a State of Connecticut certified Fire Officer IV. John joined Farrwest in 2018 after spending 15 years working as a contracted trainer with Smith’s Detection and has always enjoyed working with other responders from across the country who share his passion for the hazardous materials field. In his off-time John enjoys travel and cruising seeking out new and interesting places while enjoying local cuisines and breweries.