RedWave Technology
The most advanced FTIR analyzer for identifying chemical threats.

RedWave Technology is at the forefront of developing FTIR spectroscopic analyzers for comprehensive chemical identification. As a tightly focused company, their mission is straightforward – provide superior chemical analyzer products and exceptional technical support for hazmat responders, US military and other government organizations.

ThreatID™ is the state-of-the-art chemical identifier, designed with input from first responders from all over the USA. The superior performance, ergonomics and usability of ThreatID™ supports higher confidence identification of unknowns, and quicker decision making.

RedWave Technologies has developed a multi-tiered data analysis methodology for dealing with complex mixtures and identifying the hazards contributed by the major components.

  • Capable of identifying more than 23,000 solids and liquids
  • Capable of identifying more than 5,000 gases and vapors as low as 25 ppm
  • 4-meter gas cell
  • Swap from ATR to gas cell (and back) in less than 10 seconds w/ no re-alignment necessary
  • Adaptable to all sample collection methods (Tedlar bags, PID w/ outlet, syringe, canister, pump, etc.)
  • No downtime from over-saturation

For more information, available options, or to get a quote, please visit the ThreatID product page.

FTIR Technology

Any substance in contact with the diamond surface is interrogated by IR energy and a spectrum is acquired that is a characteristic pattern of the substance. In seconds, this IR "fingerprint" is automatically compared with libraries of digital reference spectra - Toxic Industrial Chemicals (TICs), Narcotics (including Fentanyl), Explosives, Pesticides, Weapons of Mass Destruction, Chemical Warfare Agents, and common household chemicals.


The ThreatAssist onboard database provides additional information on any library entry such as chemical name, synonyms, common use, hazards and PPE as well as many more chemical-specific properties. With the click of a button, all information about the sample and spectrometer, including spectra, library hits, data manipulation, system health and date/time of sample acquisition can be sent via email, directly from the spectrometer.

23,000 Substance Library

ThreatID comes standard with more than 23,000 reference spectra of pure substances and common mixtures including WMD’s (w/ Novichok agents), explosives and drugs including fentanyl & fentanyl derivatives. All library spectra are matched to RedWave’s proprietary onboard chemical information database, ThreatAssistTM. Web-based chemical informational databases such as NIOSH, PubChem and WISER are automatically searched with push-button links for all library files as well.

ThreatID interchangeable Gas Module

4 meter gas cell in a 6 inch body. Infrared light passes through the sample 24 times for maximum sensitivity. This allows the instant analysis of gases and vapor with no pre-concentration. The gas interface is positioned over pins and locked into position with no need for alignment. The gas cell is accompanied by a 5,500 spectra library of gases and vapors.

ThreatID interchangeable Powder/Liquid Module

The powders and liquids module of the ThreatID allows for an incredibly easy method for analyzing a wide array of samples. The sensor is a rugged diamond plate; impervious to attack by chemicals. The sensor’s strength allows the user to crush solids for analysis using the integrated press. Liquids are even easier and do not require any pressure. Simply place the liquid on the sensor. The sensor is also very resistant to chemical attack and can run samples of any pH without degradation of the sensor.

For more information, available options, or to get a quote, please visit the ThreatID product page.