Ghost Robotics
Ghost Vision 60
Quadrupedal Unmanned Ground Vehicles
Fast, Agile, Robust, and Unstoppable

The Vision 60 Q-UGV, is a mid-sized high-endurance, agile and durable all-weather ground drone for use in a broad range of unstructured urban and natural environments for military, CBRNE, homeland and enterprise applications.

The Vision 60 not only manages unstructured terrain well, but is built for demanding customers in demanding environments. Ghost Robotics Q-UGVs are faster, more durable, have greater endurance, simpler to integrate, and far easier to support versus their competitors.

The Vision 60 is unstoppable, with the ability to get right back up from any slip, fall, or failure and keep moving using Ghost Robotics's proprietary blind-mode operation. It has too, because the Vision 60 is designed and built to keep humans and K9s out of harm’s way.

For more information, available options, or to get a quote, please visit the Ghost Vision 60 product page.

The V60 Q-UGV uses a standard drive-train with no exotic motors. It requires no leg force sensors or vision sensors to move across unstructured environments, allowing it to explore further, move faster, and recover after falls and other failures. When used in conjunction with safeguard avoidance and vision sensors, blind- mode allows for safer and more robust stability.

The Vision 60 supplies the legs so you can create a mobile IoT solution to sense and capture data, a moving mesh node to enhance communications, or extend your arms as remote manipulation system.

Users and partners can leverage Ghost’s robust SDK to build applications, integrate any sensor, radio or electronics using industry standard ROS/ROS2 framework, or go deep into our ARM controller and build your own behaviors with C/C++.

The heart of the V60 is a computationally efficient control core, with the entire robot running on an ARM microcontroller, making it highly secure and very efficient. The robot can operate up to 9.6 km (6.0 miles) on a single charge with full 360 sensors activated.

With Ghost Robotoics new IP65 ^ AgileCharge wireless charging pad can make autonomous inspection and security solutions a reality.

Key Features

  • Fast and Agile
  • 1 m/s (3.3 ft/sec) standard walk. Up to 1.6 m/s (5.2 ft/sec) fast-walk; 2.2 m/s (7 ft/sec) run. 3 m/s (10 ft/sec) sprint. Dependent on payload, terrain and temp
  • Long Endurance
  • 6.8 – 12.8 km (4.2 - 8 miles) per charge Li-Ion, 8 - 10 hrs. mixed use and 21 hrs. standby
  • Any Environment
  • IP67^ sealed to water and dust and operating temp range of -40o to 55oC (-40o - 131oF) with Extreme temp battery pack & sensor options
  • Robust Operation
  • “Blind-Mode” operation on difficult terrain, at high-speeds, in tall grass, confined spaces, and recovery behaviors that are far superior to proprioceptive sensor-focused designs
  • Any Terrain
  • Traverse a range of terrains & substrates, including stairs using vision and blind-mode
  • Unstoppable
  • Self-right from any immobilization, and even operate fully inverted when seconds count
  • Autonomy Modes
  • Integrated GPS waypoint and record-and- playback route automation from OCU
  • High-Bandwidth 360° Sensing
  • GMSL2 16-channel integrated RGB and depth sensors for surround-sensing. Add thermal/IR or any sensor via GMSL2, USB or ethernet
  • Flexible Comms Architecture
  • Integrated 2.4, 5.8 GHz Wi-Fi & 4G/LTE; GigE switch supports any external radio including 5G, SDRs & SAT
  • Field Repair Entire Robot
  • Quick-swap sub-assemblies within minutes (legs, battery, compute, sensors...)
  • Powerful NVIDIA Edge Computing
  • Same powerful Xavier 32GB RAM used in leading autonomous vehicles; deploy any application, autonomy or AI
  • ROS2 & Simulation
  • High-level API with ROS, ROS2 and MAVLink support, and lower-level C/C++ API. Full 1:1 simulation support in Gazebo environment
  • Wireless Charge Kit
  • Portable wireless charging station for in/outdoor persistent 24x7 operation
  • New: Manipulator & Specialty Sensors
  • Recently added HDT Global® customizable arm. CBRN and specialty sensing kits



For more information, available options, or to get a quote, please visit the Ghost Vision 60 product page.

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Ghost SDK

Leverage the Ghost SDK to create your own Q-UGV behaviors and autonomy applications. Build integrated solutions with external enterprise and DoD applications, cloud services, onboard and remote sensors, radios, and even other robot platforms.

    Low-Level API (Behaviors)

  • Direct access to motor torques & leg forces
  • Libraries available for higher-level leg/arm impedance and velocity control and force estimates; proprioception & IMU sensor fusion and state estimation; logging, power control, OCU interaction, and messaging
  • Implement feedback-stabilized behaviors
  • Low-latency sensor data availability

    High-Level API (Applications)

  • NVIDIA DeepStream, TensorRT and CUDA toolkit
  • ROS infrastructure w/ no recompilation of code
  • High-level access with set modes for attitude control, body velocity, direction & heading, obstacle avoidance and waypoints
  • Flexible: new sensors added with minimal changes; Interact with OCU for telemetry transmission, signals, mode selection, velocity commands
  • Single operator to multi-operator/multi-robot