Thermo Scientific

Radeye SPRD-GN

Get RIID capability in the palm of your hand. The Thermo Scientific RadEye SPRD-GN Personal Radiation Detector is the first pager-sized PRD that significantly exceeds the original ANSI N42-48 2008 standards for neutron alarms. With outstanding neutron performance and reliable gamma IDs, the RadEye SPRD-GN Personal Radiation Detector may be the only radiation detection tool you will need.



Spectroscopic Personal Radiation Detector

The RadEye SPRD-GN uses a sophisticated spectroscopic Cs2LiYCl6:Ce detector that is both gamma and neutron sensitive to achieve its pager size. The performance of this single “CLYC” detector can only be matched by much larger instruments that incorporate one detector for gamma radiation and a separate He-3 proportional counter tube for neutron detection. The SPRD-GN combines the unique CLYC radiation detection capability with pulse shape discrimination (PSD) to effectively separate the gamma radiation from neutron radiation.

More specifically, the neutron background count rate of the SPRD-GN contains true neutron events only which allows the setting of very sensitive neutron count rate alarm levels. Lastly, a continuous reference for fine gain adjustments associated with gamma IDs is accomplished by monitoring the cosmic background neutron peak in the spectrum. This permanent source-less stabilization of the complete system is achieved even over open water where there is an absence of any naturally occurring radioactivity.

The RadEye SPRD-GN’s CLYC and PSD filters provide clear delineation between the gamma radiation of interest (light blue), high energy charged particles typically from cosmic rays (yellow), and neutrons (blue).

  • Can be worn in holster or standard service belt

  • Small and lightweight

  • Long battery life

  • Drop resistant to 1.5m

  • Can be operated in extreme temperatures

Natural background rejection scenario

Driving through tunnels, under bridges and past buildings with natural stone and past an artificial source.

Great Download Spectra

Single step download and viewing of spectra using included software and ANSI N42 - 2012 compliant file for local review and reachback

Reducing Nuisance Alarms

Reduce false alarms and better detect low level of artificial radiation such as hidden or shielded sources

Radiation Detected
Gamma and Neutron
CLYC (Cs2LiYCl6)
Energy Resolution (662 keV)
Sensitivity (cps per μSv/h (662 keV)
NBR (Natural Background Rejection)
Advanced with 6 energy windows
Alarm Notification
Display, LED, Sounder, Vibe
Dose Rate Range
1 μR/h - 25mR/h (10 nSv/h - 250 μSv/h)
Energy Range (+/- 30%)
60keV - 3 MeV
Typical ID Time @ 1μSv/h (100μR/h)
~ 5 minutes
Gain Stabilization
Patent pending continuous source-less stabilization
Neutron Verification
thermal neutrons & fast neutrons
Neutron Alarm Response
<2 sec vs. ANSI N42.48 2008
1 sec vs. ANSI N42.32 2016
Thermal Neutron Sensitivity (cps/nv)
Designed to Meet Specification
ANSI N42.48 2008
Battery Type
AAA x2
Estimated Battery Life
~ 120 hrs
Weight including Batteries and Rubber Sleeve (g)
Water/Dust Rating
Dropt Distance onto Concrete
Wireless Communication
BT4 optional
Wired Communication