Progeny ResQ enables law enforcement and border protection professionals to perform rapid identification of the widest range of drugs. Accepted by SWGDRUG as a category A analytical technique, Progeny ResQ removes the subjectivity you face when working with some field testing kits

The Rigaku Progeny ResQ 1064 nm handheld Raman analyzer provides emergency responders, law enforcement agencies and the military with the industry’s most comprehensive tool for chemical threat identification, CBRNe detection, and narcotics classification in a fast and simple handheld form.

The ResQ


The new generation in handheld chemical detection.

Progeny ResQ has the ability to analyze more materials through packaging and even heroin (without the need for a consumable kit), thus reducing the number of complementary techniques needed to remove controlled substances from circulation. In addition, you have the ability to easily customize the library to include the latest drug and cutting agent formulations.

Progeny ResQ provides border control and checkpoint security with the ability to make quick and informed decisions with confidence, while detecting the widest range of chemicals, precursors, explosives, and mixtures in its class. With easy, single-hand operation, you now have access to results within seconds, at the touch of a button.

For first responders and law enforcement agencies who are facing an increase in sophisticated threats and the circulation of illegal narcotics, Progeny ResQ provides the industry’s most comprehensive chemical detection range in a handheld form. With the use of 1064nm Raman, Progeny ResQ reduces sample fluorescence interference issues, allowing emergency responders to identify more substances including colored materials or through containers

  • A smartphone-inspired user interface with touchscreen display

  • Navigation via large buttons according to military specifications

  • Slim design that allows one-handed operation

  • MIL-STD 810G & IP-68 certified, rugged and durable

  • Easy to decontaminate

Simple Operation

Easily navigate using large buttons and a bright screen display for use in the field, results after only three button presses even when wearing M3 type protective clothing

Large Library

Increase confidence with largest standard library or easily adapt for emerging threats and a continuously growing database with more than 12500 substances expandable by the users

Trusted and Tested

A rugged design, waterproof (IP68) and certified to MIL-Spec 810G easy decontamination in the field and collect analysis in any environment with a rugged, MIL-STD-810G tested tool

Large Display

The large screen display and buttons make it easy to use while wearing advanced explisve protective suits, while its MIL-STD-810G tested housing allows for use in harsh environments

Mode of Operation
Handheld, with optional docking station
Exication Wavelength
Output Power
Up to 490 mW adjustable laser exication power
Graphical User Interface
Touchscreen and softkeys
Digital Camera
Reporting Capabilities
User-Created Library
Threat Recipe Alerts with 4C Technology
Data Transfer
Operating Temperature
-20° to 50°C intermittent, +40°C continuous
MIL-810-G, IP-68M
14.4V Li-ion, 3100mAH, > 5hrs
External Power
100~240VAC, 50-60Hz, +18V DC, 2.5A
Included Standard Library
29.9cm x 8.1cm x 7.4cm (11.8in x 3.2in x 2.9in)
~1.6kg (3.7lbs)
24 Months
Industry Regulation Compliance
SWGDRUG Category A technique for presumptive testing FDA 21 CFR Part 11 compliance

Rigaku Progeny ResQ Handheld Raman Basic Sampling

Rigaku Progeny ResQ Video