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    FarrWest offers a comprehensive services program that includes maintenance and repairs for equipment owned or leased by our clients. We conduct on-site testing, calibration, maintenance and resupply consumable every 90 days, ensuring optimal performance. Repairs are promptly addressed, and loaner instruments are provided if necessary. Annual training sessions are included by FarrWest certified trainers to ensure proper equipment usage. 


    Our services program includes detailed digital records accessible to our clients through the FarrWest Services Portal. Additional equipment can be added at any time, with payments typically invoiced annually. Our all-inclusive program simplifies maintenance needs and ensures equipment longevity allowing operators to be well equipped and safely handle every situation. 

    Service Programs


     Convenience and Peace of Mind – With regular on-site maintenance every 90 days, clients can rest assured that their equipment is always in top condition, minimizing downtime maximizing efficiency and safety.


     Prompt Repairs and Loaners – We prioritize quick repairs, aiming to have units back in service within 48-72 hours. In the meantime, we provide loaner equipment to ensure uninterrupted operations.


     Cost Savings – Our programs cover comprehensive repairs and maintenance, reducing unexpected expenses while increasing equipment longevity. Additionally, clients can eliminate the need for maintaining backup units, saving both money and space.


     Comprehensive Training – Annual training sessions by certified trainers ensure that operators and their staff are proficient in using the equipment effectively, enhancing workplace safety and compliance.


     Detailed Documentation – Our digital record-keeping system allows easy access to repair, calibration, and training documentation, promoting transparency and accountability.

     Flexibility and Scalability – Clients can add equipment to the program at any time, with prorated invoicing. Flexible payment options and automatic renewals simplify budgeting and planning. Additionally, service programs can be designed to meet our customers specific maintenance needs.


     Streamlined Procurement – Our inclusion in various state CO-OP contracts makes it easy for clients to procure our services, reducing administrative burden and saving time.