First Line Technology

Synthetic Opioid Safety (SOS) Kit

Quickly neutralize small amounts of synthetic opioids with the SOS Kit designed specifically for patrol officers, narcotics agents, and any public safety professional who may encounter illicit synthetic opioids.



Synthetic Opiod Safety Kit

The SOS Kit includes the proper level of PPE approved by NIOSH for a moderate exposure situation to protect officers from potential exposure risk. Refer to the CDC video “Illicit Drugs, Including Fentanyl: Preventing Occupational Exposure to Emergency Responders” for more information on exposure levels, proper donning procedures, and decontamination.

Shower Bottle Cap

The SOS Kit includes a Shower Bottle Cap threaded to fit any standard disposable water bottle* or Dahlgren Part A bag. The Shower Bottle Cap allows a responder to quickly douse and flush away any loose powder from the victim, minimizing chances of accidental exposure and allowing safe treatment. The Synthetic Opioid Safety Reference Guide, included with every SOS Kit, details instructions on how to use the Shower Bottle Cap and other kit components to rapidly decontaminate an exposed victim.