SSDX Dry Decon

The SSDX-12 Dry Decon Family of products employ super soap solution with either microfiber wipes/mitt or a non-woven polymeric wipe for effective broad range decontamination. The combination of SSDX-12 Dry decon technology is suitable for use in decontamination of particles (radioactive or toxic substances), chemical agents, TICs and TIMs, NTAs, opioids, etc.

The SSDX Dry Decon

SSDX Dry Decon

Decontamination Wipes

SSDX-12 is a blend of non ionic surfactants specifically formulated for the removal of chemical agents from surfaces. SSDX-12 consists of surfactants commonly used in personal care products and has been tested for compatibility with human skin and it does not cause irritation or sensitization.

The System is configured in three variations

  • pre-wetted wipe for use immediately from the packaging
  • Dual sided microfiber mitt packaged with a bottle of SSDX-12 solution
  • Two microfiber wipes packaged with a bottle of SSDX-12 solution.