Swift Water Rescue Gear

R140 Rescue RaftR140 Rescue Raft
NRS R140 Rescue Raft
When a rescue mission requires a large crew, a ton of gear, or both, the NRS R140 Rescue Raft is your top choice. Large and stable enough for the roughest conditions, the R140 remains agile and…
Extreme SAR DrysuitExtreme SAR Drysuit
NRS Extreme SAR Drysuit
When the demands of the mission could be life or death, rescuers need gear they can depend on to not only keep them warm and dry, but that protect them from the harsh environment and unpredictable…
Rapid Rescuer PFDRapid Rescuer PFD
NRS Rapid Rescuer PFD
Built to the standards of rescue professionals, the NRS Rapid Rescuer PFD goes beyond a flotation device. With advanced features, the Rapid Rescuer becomes a wearable tool during an emergency.
Havoc Livery HelmetHavoc Livery Helmet
NRS Havoc Livery Helmet
The NRS Havoc Helmet is your one-size-fits-most solution to whitewater safety. Our DialFit system lets you quickly and easily adjust the fit to accommodate almost any head size.
Reactor Rescue GlovesReactor Rescue Gloves
NRS Reactor Rescue Gloves
Swiftwater rescue can be extremely cold and demanding work. That's why we've made NRS Reactor Rescue Gloves extremely warm and tough. When lives are on the line, you'll want these gloves on your…
Pilot KnifePilot Knife
NRS Pilot Knife
Both rescue professionals and recreational boaters love the features of the NRS Pilot Knife. Not only does its unique design attract attention, the sheath provides convenient access and release of…
Fox 40 Epik CMG WhistleFox 40 Epik CMG Whistle
NRS Fox 40 Epik CMG Whistle
Warn motor boats or signal distress from up to a mile away with the Fox 40 Epik Whistle. It has an integrated black over-molded Cushioned Mouth Grip. The pealess, three-chamber design works great,…
SMC Force D CarabinerSMC Force D Carabiner
NRS SMC Force D Carabiner
Whether used in recreational climbing, military applications, or rescue scenarios, the SMC Force D Carabiner is one of the strongest aluminum biners in the world and is designed to get the job done.
Purest Mesh Duffel BagPurest Mesh Duffel Bag
NRS Purest Mesh Duffel Bag
Built to withstand a rugged lifestyle and designed for airing out river funk, the NRS Purest Mesh Duffel Bag is the go-to gear bag for paddlers.
PMI Throw Bag with Economy RopePMI Throw Bag with Economy Rope
PMI PMI Throw Bag with Economy Rope
Lightweight nylon throw bags stuffed with PMI Water Rescue Rope. The perfect throwline rope in water rescue operations where a floating, economical, and lightweight line is needed. With a specific…