The Tracerco T401 contamination monitors are suitable for those working in oil & gas, medical and life sciences, nuclear, CBRNe and emergency services, NDT, manufacturing, and environmental and waste management industries.

The Tracerco monitors benefit from high-level functionality with added environmental tolerance, and they are a highly cost-effective monitor where intrinsic safety is not a concern.

Tracerco T401 contamination monitor is particularly suited to the detection of radioactive contamination, and this typically arises where man-made or naturally occurring isotopes are processed. This includes nuclear power, land remediation, research and development and medicine applications.


Contamination Monitor

The Firstlook Robot


  • Dual bar graph meter display: 0-1000cps

  • Digital numeric display provides automatic direct translation to Bq/cm2 for 14+ pre-programmed nuclides, natural and man-made

  • Detachable radiation probe with up to 1.5 metres of extendable cable

  • Optional extension arm for surveying contaminated pipework, drains, laboratory floors and so on

  • Probe stepwise rotatable through 90° for internal surface measurements

  • Backlight facility

  • Audible response with adjustable alarm thresholds

  • Ruggedised nylon 6/6 construction and modular integrated electronics provide an all-weather instrument

  • Minimal servicing and maintenance costs


Radiation detected
Alpha, beta and gamma. Automatic direct translation to Bq/cm2 for Cs-137, Am-241, C-14, Cl-36, Pb-210 (wet and dry), Ra-226 (wet and dry), Sr-90, Co-60, P-32, Pu-239, U-238
Single halogen thin window Geiger Muller tube
Over range response Peak radiation dose rate
Bar graph display will read full scale. Digital numeric display shows 0UEr (over) above 4,000 cps


Standard 9V PP3 battery
Battery life
100 hours typically with background radiation
Low battery indication
On 4 hours battery life remaining variation with battery voltage: Less than 15% over operating temperature range
Variation with battery voltage
Less than 15% over operating temperature range


Case material
Robust, chemical resistant polymers
Count range
Bar graph display (0-1,000 cps) Digital numeric display in cps or Bq/cm2
1 kilogram (approx.)


Variation with temperature
Less than 2%
Ingress protection rating
Main case is sealed to IP65, sensor head sealed to IP34
Humidity range
Standard compliance
EU directives: 2004/108/ EC Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive

Tracerco 401