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Tactical Decon Sprayer

The Tactical Decontamination Sprayer is intuitive and easy to use with any liquid decontaminate, including Dahlgren Decon. Liquid decontaminates can be simply poured and mixed into the wide opening of the durable, thick plastic bottle. Minimal pumping is required to pressurize the sprayer in order for the Tactical Decontamination Sprayer to work. The Tactical Decontamination Sprayer fits snugly into the modular, lightweight, load-carrying equipment bag and can clip on to PPE or attach to a belt.

Tactical Decon Sprayer

Tactical Decon Sprayer

Compact Tactical Decon Sprayer

The Tactical Decon Sprayer contains a 22 Oz high-density polyethylene (HDPE) plastic bottle with a wide opening to easily pour in liquid decontaminates. The pump mechanism is made from Viton rubber. A manual hand-pump plunger pressurizes the liquid decontaminate while a smaller plastic tube draws up the decontaminate and feeds it through the hose. No electricity is needed to operate this sprayer.

A plastic Viton trigger system connects to the pump assembly with a six-foot coiled hose (tightly coiled, it’s approximately 18 inches in length). Once the liquid is pressurized, the spray nozzle mists the target object, providing a gentle coating without pushing contaminants through the pores in a suit. The trigger system features an adjustable fan spray nozzle and can be in an opened or closed position. A rugged texture on the trigger allows for a firm, no-slip grip.

The modular, light-weight, load-carrying equipment (MOLLE) bag securely holds the Tactical Decon Sprayer bottle and components for easy attachment and access to the sprayer. Elastic drawstring cords, straps, and pouches keep the hose, nozzle, and bottle in place so as not to get tangled with other gear during deployment. Strong, reinforced belt loops and D-ring clip allow the Tactical Decon Sprayer to attach to PPE and turnout gear in a variety of ways.


  • Reliable pump-based sprayer ready for immediate deployment

  • Operates without electricity

  • 22oz reservoir for decontaminants and cleaning solutions

  • MOLLE bag has belt loops and D-ring to attach to PPE

  • High-efficiancy pump unit that pressurizes in less than 10 pumps

  • 6-foot coiled plastic hose

  • Adjustable fan spray nozzle

  • Trigger system can be locked

Product Information

ItemItem ID
22 oz Tactical SprayerDT-TS-22
22 oz Tactical Sprayer with Pouch - BlackDT-TS-22MB-OD
MOLLE Sprayer Bag (empty) - BlackDT-A-SMB-B
Sprayer Accessory Kit (Empty Bottle with Cap & MOLLE Accessory Bag) - BlackDT-A-22SMB-B


  • HazMat Units

  • Military Personnel

  • First Responders/Receivers

  • Firefighters