TEK-TAK System

TEK-TAK System is a decontamination system for technical (personnel) and tactical (equipment). The system provides the users with best of class and next generation decontamination components including the JGPD, JSEW, CIDAS integrated for best practice decontamination. The system is configured in two backpacks, one for the technical decontamination kit and one for the tactical decontamination kit.

TEK-TAK System

Technical and Tactical Decon Kits

The TEK-TAK System

Kit Includes

  • Decon Plus

  • CBR Multi-Purpose Wipes

    • CIDAS/Angentase

  • Tactical Sprayer

  • DCON Mitt

  • Chemical barrier ground covers and litter covers

  • Shuffle and tactical decontamination pits