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Randall Woodlee

FarrWest Trainer

Mr. Woodlee received a Bachelor of Science degree in chemistry and biology from Middle Tennessee State University in 1981. He received a Master of Science degree in chemistry with emphasis on analytical chemistry from Middle Tennessee State University in 1984.

Mr. Woodlee has 40 years of experience in the environmental industry as a consultant with national consulting firms, a manager with a national laboratory network, and a research chemist at a leading national research institution.

As a consultant to the EPA Region 4 Emergency Response and Removal Program for 10 years, Mr. Woodlee responded to numerous uncontrolled releases of hazardous materials, provided oversight of hazardous waste removal at EPA Superfund Sites, audited chemical manufacturers, operated field laboratories, and managed a team of environmental professionals providing emergency response capabilities on a 24-hour basis. In addition, Mr. Woodlee was selected by the EPA Technology Innovation Office to provide training sessions and lectures on technical topics to over 1,000 course participants, both nationally and internationally.

Mr. Woodlee has responded nationally to numerous hazardous material releases and chemical plant fires successfully completing site clean-up and remediation. Since joining Marion Environmental in June 2015, Mr. Woodlee supports the Rail Response Program and Industrial Services. He is based in the Nashville, Tennessee office.